What are teams?

Teams are a way to organise your reports into larger groups that have the same team members working on them. You can invite unlimited other users to your teams.

Teams can then have any number of projects to further organise your reports.

How to invite a team member

To invite a new team member to your team, simply go to the “Users” settings in your team overview and click “Add new team member”.

To add a new member, you need to enter their email address, and select the role you want them to have in your team (see below).

Once you’ve submitted the invite, the team member will receive an invite email. They can then log in with the email address you specified and will see a pending invite which they can either accept or reject. Once accepted, you will see their status updated in the users list in your team overview.

User roles


Owners have access to everything within a team. When you create a team, you are automatically assigned as the owner.

A team always has to have at least one owner. This mean, if you are the only owner, you need so assign another user as owner before you can be removed from the team or change your role to something else.

Billing manager

Billing managers are essentially normal users, with special access to the billing information of the team. They can see the billing status and invoices, as well as update the billing status (e.g. change your subscription).

Team member

Everyone else in your team are treated as “normal team member”. They have access to all projects and runs, but cannot see or change your subscription details or invite new members to your team.

How to create a new team

You can have as many teams as you need. The whole idea is to have teams to be as granular as possible, so everyone involved only sees what’s relevant to them.

To create a new team, simply click “Create a new team” in the profile menu. You will see a basic form which allows you to enter further information about the team (e.g. the team name) as well as to choose the plan for the new team (see below).

Once you submit, the new team is immediately available to create new projects and invite team members. Please note that projects cannot be shared between teams. If you need to do that, it might be easier to just create hybrid teams that again include all team members relevant to the projects that cover multiple teams.

Free & premium plans

All of the essential features of Lightkeepr are available in the free team plan. There are some extra features, like commenting or integrations, that are only available to the premium plan. This is, to cover maintenance and running costs to be able to make this service available.

If you want to support Lightkeepr but don’t need the premium features and don’t want to pay every month (e.g. do a one time donation), consider using the “sponsor” option in Github 😊