Contribution guide

Contribute to the docs

These docs are driven by markdown in the main Lightkeepr repo. Did you find a typo, a mistake, or want to contribute something that is missing right now? Awesome! Just clone the repo, make the changes you want to make, and open a PR that can be reviewed. Try to make as clear as possible in the PR description why you made the change you made and give any other additional context that might be needed to review it 😊

Contribute to the app or packages

Both the app and all Lightkeepr packages can also be found in the above mentioned monorepo. Contributions are more than welcome, the ideal process is the same. Simply clone the repo and push up a PR with the changes you want to contribute.

I’m still working on an official contribution guide with some more help to get around the monorepo and the general setup. Check back for that soon.