Getting the most value out of your Lighthouse reports

Easily consume and analyse your Lighthouse reports

Keep track of your scores over time. The intuitive UI helps you to quickly see potential opportunities for improvements and work together with your team to action them.

Quick & easy to get started

Lighthouse is made from developers for developers. Simply create a free account, set up your project, and you're ready to start sending reports. Our CLI tools and helper libraries make integration into your existing workflows a breeze.

More than just performance

Lighthouse has become synonymous with performance auditing, but it's actually so much more. Get insights into your sitesaccessibility, current best practices in the web industry, search engine optimisation and progressive web app setup and improvements.

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Detect changes and manually review any regressions

Lightkeepr automatically detects regressions and checks performance budgets if defined. You can also set project specific targets. When reports fail, easily review and manually approve them.

Some more features...

Teams & projects

Keep things organised by setting up teams and projects, invite your team members and help them easily find the information they need.

View & compare

Not only keep track of your scores over time, but also easily compare reports to see what audits changed that might have caused changes. Finding and fixing regressions was never easier.

Smart summaries

Beyond the reports themselves, Lightkeepr will try to pull out the biggest opportunities and most relevant metrices to give you smart and more importantly actionable summaries.


Work together, add comments to reports, specific audits or changes in your score history to make it easier for the team to figure out what the right next steps are.

Integrate Coming soon

Lightkeepr is meant to fit into your workflow. With integrations for popular tools like Slack, Jira, etc., making it part of your usual processes and tools becomes easy.

Stay up-to-date

Lightkeepr lets you define what you care about. Easily set up notifications the way it makes sense for your specific role and use case and stay on top of what's going on.